Tori Praver
Swimwear Designer

Swimwear Designer Tori Praver has become synonymous with sand, sun, and surf.  She grew up in Maui, graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, her hubby’s a pro-surfer, AND she’s a swimwear designer.  Talk about #LifeGoals. Between running around with her mini-me, creating a line for Target, and now collaborating with Thompson Hotels for an exclusive line available in their new Playa Del Carmen property we cannot wait to see what’s next for this golden goddess.

  • VacationStyle: Can you tell us about growing up in Maui?

    Tori Praver: It was magical. I spent most days at the beach and in the ocean. I spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors, going on hikes and looking for secret tide pools and finding ocean cliffs to jump off of. There was an old house that was built on the side of a cliff over the ocean and it had the most beautiful tide pool below. We would sneak on the property and jump off the roof of the house into the ocean and spend the day swimming in the tide pools. I love these special memories of growing up on an island. My favorite place on the island is Hana, which is a little town on East side of the island filled with gorgeous waterfalls and pools. We would go camping there when I was a kid and loved it. My favorite restaurant is Sansei sushi in Kapalua. I can’t tell you how many birthdays I had there. 

  • VS: What was your most memorable vacation?

    TP: My trip to Bali last year was so special because I got to bring my daughter with me. I have been several times and I go every year for a work/play trip, but being able to take her with me was beyond magical. She got to see elephants, wild monkeys and experience one of my favorite cultures. 

  • VS:  You live between Kauai, Los Angeles, and New York-what do you like most about each place?

    TP: Hawaii is home and has my heart. To me it’s the most beautiful place on earth. Malibu is where we are raising our children and is also very special to me. I love the endless opportunity and choices we have living in California. We love camping, the beach, and the ocean. Yet at the same time you get amazing culture and art as well being able to travel to anywhere in the world from LAX which is an hour from our house. NY is my favorite city in the world, its where my career started and where I became an adult. It’s a place that is so special to me in many ways. I love the culture, the art, the food, but most of all the energy. 

  • VS:  Where do you find inspiration in your travel?

    TP: Usually in the culture and the people. The clothes that are native to them, the food they eat. I just go with my instinct and what is inspiring me at the moment. 

  • VS: Can you tell us a little bit about your Mexican inspired 2016 Swimwear Collection? 

    TP: I was inspired by the deserts and the Mexican beaches: the succulents and cactus that live in the sand. I love Mexico for many reasons, but the fact that such gorgeous ocean and dry dessert collaborate so well is beautiful to me. I choose colors and prints that represented this exactly. A nude snake print, a deep cactus green, a print of cactus flowers and a light blue that reminds me of the sea there. My favorite print is of succulents in the most feminine colors.

  • VS:  What’s the most difficult part about designing swimwear? 

    TP: That there is only so many shapes you can make a bikini out of so it makes it hard to be innovative year after year. I have realized to stay on top of things- prints, colors and fits are the most important to change for each season. 

  • VS: You worked with Target this year… How did that go? Who else would you love to collaborate with?

    TP: It went great and is still going great! I have a new collection that is out now and future collections that will be available through spring and summer! I have always dreamed of collaborating with Norma Kamali, the queen of swimwear! 

  • VS:  What does the future hold for your brand?  

    TP: I would love to see my brand expand internationally. To continue to collaborate with amazing brands. In 5 years, let’s be honest, I would love to have someone else doing the hard work and I will be left with all of the fun stuff like designing and traveling

  • VS: What’s your personal go-to swimwear style or favorite trend in swimwear? 

     TP: I always travel with a classic triangle bikini top in black. It’s just a good staple that goes with so much! Lately, I have been loving a one-piece and my favorite cover up has always been jean shorts.

  • VS:  Would you fly to eat at one restaurant?

    TP: This amazing little restaurant in Puglia,  Italy. I don't know the name but I went while on a modeling job and I just remember they made the mozzarella fresh right there and the tomatoes were grown in the back yard. It was heavenly! 

  • VS: How would you describe your style while on vacation? 

    TP: Casual, effortless but still chic. During the day, I mostly am wearing jean shorts and bikini, but love to wear the look into the night by adding a fabulous pair of sandals and a blouse

  • VS: Favorite hotel brands?

    TP: I love Thompson Hotels, they are always chic yet still relaxed and always have great decor and food. I was lucky enough to colloborate with them and design an exclusive suit for their brand new Playa del Carmen property. I cannot wait to visit!

  • VS: If you designed a hotel what would it look like?

    TP: It would be very bohemian but feel beachy and even a little rustic. It would be simple and lovely.

  • VS: Any beauty secrets?

    TP: Drink lots of water, its the secret to beautiful skin and even keeps you from looking bloated. I love Kai perfume and anything by John Masters Organics.

  • VS: What do you do to stay fit?

    TP: Lots of yoga, surfing, and kickboxing. I also try to eat very clean, except on the weekends! 

  • VS: Any places on your bucket list? 

    TP: Africa, St Barths, and Turkey

  • While on vacation…

    One-piece or Two? Two

    Detox or Retox? Detox

    Underpack or Overpack?  Overpack

    Flats or Heels? Flats

    Favorite Sunscreen? Eminence Organics

    Hair Up or Down? Down

    Makeup or No-makeup? No makeup 

    Warm-weather or Cold-weather? Warm