Timo Weiland
Fashion Designer

Built around the ethos of creating clothes to live in, Timo Weiland presents an updated take on classic American sensibilities. Modern prep meets streetwear, with a touch of romance, the brand encompasses the adventurous spirit of New York City. To say Timo Weiland is on fire is an understatement! Both Banana Republic and Hue came knocking this season to work with this trendsetting brand... we wonder why? Timo fills us in on his inspiration for all his collections, his love for traveling, and of course his favorite hotels!

  • VacationStyle: Did going to school in the South have any influence on your collections and your personal style?

    Timo: The ethos of the TW collection is classic nautical prep with a modern streetwear twist. My wardrobe reflects my individual style, which has deep Southern roots- growing up in Northeast Florida, living most of my childhood on a boat at the beach, then attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The brand is an extension of my personality and that of my 2 co-founders / partners Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang. It is a marriage of coastal Southern and New York City sensibilities.

  • VS: What is your favorite place to vacation in both warm and cold months?

    TW: I love the extremes- for total heat I love a surf and yoga retreat to Bali, Indonesia. On the flipside, I love a Utah snowboarding trip - Powder Mountain is my next stop to visit and collaborate with friends of mine who established the Summit Series.

  • VS: What was the best trip of your life?

    TW: My trip to both the North and South Islands of New Zealand take the prize. It is such a dramatically beautiful and adventurous destination. The cities of Auckland and Queenstown are both distinct and progressive with vibrant music and art scenes. My first time skydiving was over Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak, during an RV trip to the Fjordland region. Another highlight was “tramping” most of the Great Walks of New Zealand- the Milford Track, Kepler Track, Routeburn, and kayak-camping on the Abel Tasman.

  • VS: Any places on your bucket list?

    TW: The Himalayas are up there- at the top. After reading “Into Thin Air” during my trip to New Zealand, I have always wanted to explore the Asian mountain range. Additionally, I would love to go for trekking and fishing closer to home in Alaska.

  • VS: Have you ever designed a collection around a destination you have been inspired by?

    TW: The basis for each TW collection is our shared experiences and adventures in our home city in New York and on our travels. Bali and Los Angeles have served as reference points far and (relatively) near. The destination component is always evolving as we are always heading to new places as well as happily re-visiting favorite spots several times over.

  • VS: Are you a light or heavy packer? 

    TW:  I am a heavy packer for short trips and a light packer for long trips. Usually when it is a short trip, I always feel compelled to have options for back-to-back action-packed jaunts for a weekend- especially if it is a wedding or festive special occasion.

  • VS: What are some of your favorite items to travel with?

    TM: Kiehl’s eye-depuffer

  • VS: Detox or retox?

    TM: Detox - constantly

  • VS: What do you like to see a woman in on vacation?

    TM: Dressed up casual. Romantic core with a modern “last layer” juxtaposition. Example being a draped slip dress with a sporty bomber or moto over the shoulder.

  • VS: If you could live in a hotel what would it be?

    TW: Chateau Eza in France on the French Riviera or the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California.

  • VS: Do you have a favorite hotel brand?

    TW: The Aman Resorts and Taj Hotels are two of my favorite luxury destinations. The Ace Hotel chain and The Freehand hostels are more budget-friendly home bases.

  • VS:Any major vacation fashion trends going on now we should be aware of?

    TM: High-adventure coupled with relaxation- i.e. surfing & yoga camp retreats like the amazing Nicaraguan destination Maderas Village.

  • VS: If you could see one woman wearing Timo Weiland who would it be and why? 

    TM: My friend, the actress Freida Pinto is radiant- timelessly elegant, a passionate humanitarian, and a modern romantic.

  • VS: What would be your advice for someone who wants to try a new trend and deviate from their usual dressing?

    TW: You must always do you. Follow your instinct - ensure that you express yourself and feel confident while looking your best. Dressing is all about being the best possible version of your self.

  • VS: Where did you find the inspiration for the collection with Banana Republic? What was it like to collaborate with Marissa Webb?

    TW: We collaborated on overall concept. Mix and match dressing inspired by some of TW’s iconic silhouettes we reimagined in custom palettes and fabrications and finished with unique details and trims. Local production was important (designing, cutting, sewing in NY). CFDA vendors allowed us to manufacture locally. Sunrise Studio, a CFDA Fashion Manufacturing Initiative (FMI) grant winner, will be the primary production partner.

    Marissa is a true talent and a joy to work with. She was really hands-on and supportive of our TW vision. I am thankful for her mentorship and friendship.

  • VS: What is your favorite piece from the collection?

    TW: The multi-eyelet-ruffle tea length dress in coral silk-cotton ottoman is a collective favorite. The drape of the skirt coupled with the fitted bodice panels on top garner a dramatic and modern feminine appeal.

  • VS: WOW...do you sleep?! We see you have also partnered with Hue for a Capsule Collection, how exciting! Can you tell us a bit about the pieces?

    TW: The stockings, leggings, and track pants are all luxuriously constructed from the finest knit materials. The physical and visual texture comes through in the drop-stitch stripe details, which are a favorite of the TW team. The looks will be as natural wardrobe choices for brunch in Aspen as they will be a barefoot wedding in Montauk.

  • VS: We understand you tried to achieve a tomboy look with this collection-tell us about that and how you came to that focus? and what do you see pairing with these items?

    TW: The TW woman embraces a modern feminine look that naturally includes a masculine inspired last layer - bomber, biker jacket, or hooded sweater. I could see this collection being paired with Doc Martens which are a natural, downtown cool pairing with the legwear. #TomboyPretty