Dave Allison
Creative Director, Sunday Somewhere

We have to be honest: here at VacationStyle we're mildly (ok, maybe overly) obsessed with sunglasses.  Sunglasses are a playful staple whenever we're chasing the sun, but also in our everyday wear that somehow magically give us a good pick-me-up.  It can make or break an outfit.  So a little over a year ago, when we came across the all-too-amazing Sydney-based sunglass brand SUNDAY SOMEWHERE, we were immediately hooked! In a nutshell, it's eyewear that makes a statement in all the right ways and we are not the only ones who have noticed...  Queen B is a fan, so is beauty Gigi Hadid, and our favorite BadGirlRiRi all have stunned in pairs of their shades. 

In honor of launching their newest campaign 'Daydream Believers' inspired by Sicily, we had to pick the brain of Creative Director Dave Allison for a little BTS.  We dare you to not get obsessed with these amazing sunnies!!!

  • VacationStyle: Why Sunday?

    Dave Allison:  It’s the best day of the week. The day between productivity and aridity. When desires to explore and create can be harnessed, to delve outside your comfort zone, to reflect, create stories, and satiate curiosity. 

  • VS: How did you get into designing sunglasses?

    DA: By accident really. I was accessories designer for Mambo and was designing licensed eyewear for them- as well as many other categories - nearly 15 years ago now… When I left the company I had an opportunity to create an eyewear brand from scratch. It was recognised Internationally very quickly. I was then an eyewear designer.

  • VS: What has been your most memorable Sunday moment? 

    DA: There have been many, professionally though none bigger than a few weeks ago when I woke up to the news that Beyonce was captured wearing our ISABELLAs. On a person level Sunday's are very special as they are spent with my wife and son. We leave our phones and computers to enjoy quality time together. Since I travel a lot, Sunday's with them are incredibly precious. 

  • VS: What’s the inspiration behind the latest collection? 

    DA: The island of Sicily off the Southern Italian Coast. The history of that place is so incredible, it creates the foundations for a harbour of Piazzas, cobblestone streets, and picturesque beaches that command appreciation. My wife and I have Italian heritage so have spent a lot of time in Italy on holidays and visiting family. Some of my fondest moments are sunsets over the Amalfi coast which have inspired the hero colours in this season's collection. 

  • VS: Whats are the 3 travel essentials for the Sunday girl? 

    DA: A camera, sunglasses (of course) and a sense of adventure!

  • VS: Where do you find inspiration for your collections? Is there one destination you hone in on or does your inspiration come from many places?

    DA:  I may well be a bowerbird. I collect inspiration from everywhere I can, it can be found from the smallest of triggers and manifest into many ideas. Often my own Sunday travels, when I am travelling I find inspiration in cars, street art posters, restaurant menus, visiting art galleries – immersing myself in the culture. You can see the flecks of Sicily in our latest collection Daydream Believers – horizons reflected in the acetates, reflective lenses inspired by the Sicilian ocean glint at dusk, even down to the names of our new styles the Vito and Abella.

  • VS: Sunday to us means being surrounded by close family and friends, so we absolutely love that you resonate this feeling through some of the frames’ names.  What comes first: the name or the frames? 

    DA: Originally I would design a frame with a person in mind. Today, more often than not, I design a frame and name it after a person I have met on my travels, or a person in the Sunday family or just simply a name that I like.

  • VS: Beyonce, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are just a few that have caught the SUNDAY SOMEWHERE fever like us…  If there’s one person you could dream of wearing your sunglasses, who would it be and why? 

    DA: As a brand SUNDAY SOMEWHERE aims to be accessible, above all else. Essentially we are most excited when we see our customers sharing their adventures with SUNDAYSOMEWHERE. This is what really epitomises the essence of the brand. #mysundaysomewhere

  • VS: Where is your favorite place in Australia outside of Sydney?

    DA: It’d have to be on the South Coast of NSW, probably somewhere near Berry. I’m drawn to the chilled rural life close to the beach.

  • VS: You’re favorite frame you’ve designed so far? 

    DA: The Matahari’s - one of the first and still a best-seller 5 years later.

  • VS: Your most memorable trip? 

    DA: Driving around Australia with my family in my Dad’s new Nissan Patrol when I was 12. I was so young and still remember it vividly. I visited remote places in Australia and even climbed Ayers Rock when it was still possible. I recall my sister stubbing her toe on the Devils Marbles, trying to understand what life would be like living mostly underground in Copper Pedy and even riding in a helicopter to a the most Northern and remote part of Australia somewhere on the Coburg Peninsula. 

  • VS: If you could waive you magic wand and travel anywhere where would that be?

    DA: I’m in Bali right now, this place makes sense to me. I’m also keen to explore Nicaragua and Zanzibar sometime soon.

  • VS: Coolest hotel you have ever stayed in? Do you prefer modern, classic, or rustic? 

    DA: The Alila in Uluwatu is incredible, The Park Hyatt in Tokyo has to be experienced. I have no preference as to modern, classic or rustic as it depends where you are and whom you’re with.

  • VS: Favorite womens brands that go great with Sunday Somewhere? Any up and coming Australian designer we should know about? 

    DA: A.P.C., Spell Designs, We Are Handsome, Acne Studios, Ellery. I discovered a swimwear brand today called APRILPOOLDAY. I love the name, quirk uniqueness and their Instagram account!

  • VS: If we came to Sydney where would you take us?

    DA: We’d eat Japanese at Nobu in Surry Hills, go see a local band at a pub somewhere in the inner west then Breakfast at Bills in Bondi. Afterwards we’d wander down Gould Street where we’d end up in The Annex Store to preview the expansive collection of our frames they stock.

  • VS: What was the best piece of advice you would give someone looking to start their own company? 

    DA: Surround yourself with interesting and clever people. Be open to advice and peoples opinions. But most of all, believe in yourself!

  • VS: What’s next for SUNDAY SOMEWHERE? 

    DA: More frequent flyer points is number one on my list, we’ll continue to push the boundaries in our eyewear design, and we are absolutely looking forward to the launch of new travel and lifestyle inspired categories and talks of opening some retails stores in tropical locations near you.