Samantha Lim
Director of StyleCaster Creators

What’s a girl to do when you’re offered to fly private only to ask Kim Kardashian 10 questions? You say yes, of course – at least industry insider Samantha Lim did.  But she’s done much more than just that. From financial consultant to luxury fashion houses like Oscar da La Renta & Donna Karan – to Fashion Editor, Stylist, and then some… Sam has had quite an admirable career in fashion to say the least.  But, what we love even more so is Sam’s simplistic approach in her #VacationStyle despite her lusting of shopaholic ways…Read on, you’ll understand our girl crush.

  • VacationStyle: What is your most memorable travel experience? 

    Samantha Lim: I was visiting family in the Philippines when I was very young and I was going down a slide in a shopping mall play place. I thought the slide was shaking but it was actually an earthquake -- my mother ripped me out of the slide and we ran outside. I remember losing my purse (I was a very fashionable 4 year old) in the rush, and later that night on the news I remember seeing building collapse completely. It was the first time I realized that there were different parts of the world that were not as comfortable and safe as America, and that nature will overcome anything man could ever make. I've been curious about the world ever since.  

  • VS: Any places on your bucketlist?

    SL: Going on a safari in Africa, riding a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, and visiting that hotel in Norway where they shot Ex-Machina 

  • VS: How has your style changed over time?

    SL: I used to be really into trends and fashion with a capital F -- if it was new, I was wearing it. If it was designer, I was saving up for it, and if it was a heel (which it always was), there wasn't one high enough. This caused a lot of interesting moments in my fashion career, including a lot of misplaced cut outs, strange makeup choices, and remember when everything was studded? I sure don't (want to). My shopaholic ways also pinned me with a $30,000 shoe collection that I cherish, but barely touch. Fast forward to now, my style is much more pared down. I live in flats because I walk everywhere and I use a standing desk at work (sitting is the new smoking!). When it comes to jewelry, I love stacking rings and bracelets, and layering thin necklaces. I wear 4 earrings but they never match, I just pull out a handful from a little dish of mismatched studs every day.  My outfits go from day to night, are always comfortable, but still try to have a little edge. I'm into mixing separates, live in skirts and dresses in the summer, and will always say yes to a crop top. And when it comes to fall... bring on the jackets

  • VS: How does your style change when you’re on vacation?

    SL: I try to keep my luggage carry-on so I travel as light as possible. Lightweight dresses, cotton or chambray button-downs, and I plan things out to mix and match so I can get a lot of outfits out of the fewest items. Vacation to me means "warm sunny place to relax" so that lends itself well to clothes that pack small and well. I also like to destination shop, sometimes I'll barely bring a thing and just buy all new outfits there, especially when visiting my best friend who lives in London, we're a bank accounts' worst nightmare when we're together.  

  • VS: On vacation, what’s your best advice for trying new trends?

    SL: Go for it. No one here knows you, it's time to take risks! 

  • VS: What are the best beauty secrets you’ve learned? 

    SL: A good highlighter and liquid eyeliner are all you really need in life. Less is more. 

  • VS: What are some of your favorite items to travel with?

    SL: A soft eye mask to sleep on the plane, silk robe for lounging before bed, and my iPad

  • VS: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

    SL: Everything will be fine. 

  • VS: What is your definition of good content?

    SL: Something that is entertaining, informative, and provides a unique perspective. 

  • VS: How has fashion and beauty content changed since you started? 

    SL: There has been a definite shift in fashion and beauty content. Everyone is trying to write more original stories that come from unique, thoughtful points of view, stories that actually service readers and don't just add to the noise of the internet.

  • VS: If you could steal someones suitcase who would it be? 

    SL: That bad bitch Saudi Princess who went on the $20M Parisian shopping spree and had a room full of overstuffed designer luggage at the George V. She must have bought every item on Avenue Montaigne! 

  • VS: Favorite hotel or brand? 

    SL: I love discovering new boutique hotels and unique places depending on the destination. 


    Detox or Retox? Detox! 

    Overpack or Underpack? Underpack -- I bring as little as possible

    Warm or Cold Destination? Definitely warm

    Plan a trip or wing it? Insert some winging it into the plans.