Matthew Chevallard
Creative Director & Co-Founder, Del Toro Shoes

What do you get when you merge your Italian-heritage, childhood prepster days in Palm Beach, and edgy New York and Japanese street style? A mini shoe empire built by none-other than the Matthew Chevallard, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Del Toro Shoes. A favorite brand to a bevy of basketball players like Dwane Wade and Lebron James, Del Toro later introduced a women’s line that has been a league in its own. From Chiara Ferragni to Kristen Stewart and Kourtney Kardashian, Del Toro has kicked-up the shoe game with his elegant, yet oh-so-wearable slippers, sneakers and espadrilles.  We just cannot get enough of the oh so cool collaborations with Edie Parker, Playboy, Cambiaghi GreyModa Operandi or from the super creative mind behind the brand!

  • VacationStyle: Your brand is inspired by Italy, Florida, and New York.  How does inspiration from places translate each season? 

    Matthew Chevellard: Definitely not, I’d say the eclectic offering and my background, which is a combination of all those different factors, really plays into everything. I don't think anything is seasonal it’s all meant to be timeless and applicable to the whole year but I think given all the different geographics and the breath of the whole world, some things might be more apt for one season vs. another.

  • VS:  Do you find inspiration in your travels?

    MC: Yes, absolutely aside from our traveling theme that we do each perspective season. Whether it's the Navajo collection or the Texan/ Italian cowboy or the Voyage to Africa, I would say that broadening your horizon and taking into account different cultures is a very important aspect of what we have to offer which are really unique products.

  • VS: What was the best trip of your life, and why?

    MC: I’d say the best trip of my life was my trip to Japan because it’s that unique and original as a culture and probably the most eye opening all together.

  • VS:  Any places on your bucket list? 

    MC: I would like to go to Cuba.

  • VS:  How many pairs of shoes would you say you generally pack for a trip?  How do you choose which shoes to pack? 

    MC: Too many. At least 1-2 a day on average, if not more. I choose my shoes based on season, I don't really wear anything that we do not currently have in sale season because it entices people to go out and buy Del Toro’s.

  • VS:  What’s the first thing you notice about a woman? What do you like to see a woman dressed in on vacation?

    MC: Shoes speak a large volume about a woman. Accessories in general, whether it be a woman or a male are indicative of the style and characteristics of an individual. Especially with a woman, whether she is wearing heels or flats in that given situation says volumes about her. To me, what means most is a woman that wears flats because it conveys a sense of self-confidence in style and persona. I like the humility that flats bring to everyone.

  • VS:   What are some of your favorite items to travel with? Favorite designers?

    MC:  My favorite traveling item are my shoes, my clothing in general and really all my accessories, whether it be my necklaces, watches, bracelet, hats. To me, accessories are everything. My favorite designers is Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga

  • VS:   Favorite travel grooming items?

    MC:  My Del Toro dopp kit - that we sell.

  • VS:  We’ve heard through the grape vine that you collect luggage.  Care to share about this collection? 

    MC:  I collect accessories in general but as far as collecting luggage, there’s a certain heirloom and history to it. I think as much as one travels, luggage is a manifestation of travel and brings us back to the historic days of the steamer and the trunks. Some of my favorites are my vintage Gucci luggage and/or my vintage Louis Vuitton. I think trunks in general are probably my most appreciated, historic luggage piece.

  • VS:   How big is your shoe closet? Do you have more shoes than your girlfriend? 

    MC:  It’s a separate room in my house, so it’s large...I blow her away in the shoe depratment.

  • VS:   How do you differentiate your shoes each season?

    MC:  We do but we don't. Somethings are more seasonal, more colors in the spring and summer and the use of blacks, white, grays in the fall/ winter months. The thing that really changes is the soles and treatments of the leathers due to weather change but more or less they are the same. We also may have different collaborations.

  • VS:   What can we expect to see for the Del Toro brand in the coming years?

    MC:  There’s always a lot to stay on your seat about but in general, we will continue to expand the product line and develop more apparel pieces, more accessories and we will be focusing more on the women’s offerings.

  • VS:  Which are your favorite pair for women? 

    MC:  Our classic black velvet slipper. Simple and chic...also great for jazzing up an outfit on the plane.

  • VS: What are your travel essentials?

    MC: Del Toro x Cambiaghi Hunter Green Limited Edition Collaboration Traveller Hat, a Navy Leather Pony Hair Weekender Bag, and of course my limited edition Del Toro customization is on a MGTC matte black Milgauss with unique custom cut-through blue and white illumine dial to mimic Del Toro’s signature dark blue and white dotted sneakers.


    Detox or Retox? Combiantion of the two

    Under pack or Over pack? Overpacker

    Plan a trip or Wing it? Plan a Trip

    Favorite Sunscreen? Lancaster