Melissa Losada & Marcela Velez
Designer Duo, M2Malletier

Designing a handbag line today is no easy feat, but the Colombian-born, Barcelona based duo behind the “M2Malletier” handbag house has managed to do so. Though from the same place, Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez met while studying at Parsons, and discovered a shared interest in translating old-world luggage into everyday chic.  The avant-garde mode of pairing luxury handbags with medieval armor and medical instruments have proven successfully sumptuous in the form of M2Malletier.  With our hands holding on, the gorgeous ladies behind the highly-coveted minimalist ‘it bags” gave us the scoop on their #VacationStyle and tells us what the future holds for the M2Malletier brand…

  • VacationStyle: Take us through getting ready for a major event?

    M2: We have it pretty nailed down to a science- La Prairie Luxe Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, heels without platforms, and our M2 Annabelle mini bag.

  • VS: What are some of your favorite places in Barcelona and Paris?

    M2: Paris – Eat:  Ferdi and Casa Bini. Stores: Montaigne Market Stay: Le Royal Monceau Do: Marche aux puces during the weekend.

    Barcelona – Eat: xemei and il giardinetto. Shop: Santa Eulalia. Stay: Mercer Hotel. Do: walk around the gothic quartier

  • VS: What was a major AHA moment in your career?

    M2: When Net-a-Porter picked us up before anyone knew who we where!!

  • VS: What’s your favorite place you’ve been to?

    M2: Japan, it is so eclectic and fun!! Tokyo, has such an amazing electric energy. Also the variety and mix of styles is fantastic. You have the ultra crazy raver, Harujuku-style to the traditional Geisha. It is full of contrasts.

  • VS: 
What’s on your bucket list?

    M2: Travel through the desert with the tuaregs.

  • VS: 
Any travel rituals?

    M2: We try to get a massage before and after we fly, especially if they are long flights. Also we put on La Prairie Hydralift Masks when we are on the plane so that our skin doesn’t get too dehydrated. We love to buy everything at the airport convenience store. Snacks and magazines for the plane!

  • VS: Travel essentials? 

    M2: We are pretty simple...our mini-ipad and junk food.

  • VS:  What are your go-to brands? 

    M2: Dries, Acne, Prada, Margiela. Our style changes with the seasons.

  • VS: 
Does your style change when you’re on vacation? 

    M2: Depends on where we are and the season. During winter we usually wear the same outfit all day long and just change into heels at night. During the summer we wear caftans during the day and flowy dresses and Greek sandals at night.

  • VS: What’s your advice for trying something new?

    M2: To feel comfortable, otherwise you cannot pull it off!

  • VS: What’s your favorite trend in swimwear?  

    M2: We love the stitch-work on Roxana Salehoun swimsuits.

  • VS: 
Since you love architecture, does that influence the hotels that you stay at? 

    M2: Definitely, we love The Bowery Hotel, The Mercer Hotel, The Bristol and Le Royal Monceau in Paris.

  • VS: What is your favorite thing about traveling to some place new?  

    M2: Get lost in its culture and try all the food!

  • VS: When you travel, how do you make hotels feel like home?

    M2: We bring everything that makes us feel at home – Cire Trudon candles and all of our creams (we have so many!)


  • VS: 
If you could dress anyone for a trip who would it be and where would they go?

    M2: Our grandmothers, we would take them to Africa because they love it there.

  • VS: 
If you could go on vacation with anyone who would it be and where would you go?

    M2: We would go together to Botswana... we are dying to visit there.

  • VS: What do you think Marie-Laure de Noailles would be wearing today?

    M2: She would be wearing haute couture and custom made pieces.

  • VS: What are your favorite pieces from your current collection?

    M2: We have some amazing hand painted graffiti pony skin bags!!!!

  • VS: 
Tell us what’s next for your brand?

    M2: We would love to make shoes as our next step.

  • VS: We hear you have just made your first film…tell us about it.

    M2: It's very poetic and was shot at an amazing location that looks like a labyrinth.

  • VS: Finish this sentence - While on vacation you can find me...

    M2: Sunbathing or in the ocean.

  • While on vacation…

    One-piece or Two? Two pieces for tanning and one-piece for lounging.

    Detox or Retox? Depends on the plan and where we are going and doing after the vacation. But normally we like to detox. We have enough with Fashion Week dinners and parties!

    Overpack or Underpack?  Definitely overpack – but then never find anything to wear.

    Flats or Heels? For vacation – cute flats!

    Favorite Sunscreen? Hampton Sun and La Mer

    Hair up or Down? Down!

    Makeup or No-makeup? Definitely NO makeup

    Warm-weather or Cold-weather? Warm!!!!