Lenny Niemeyer
Luxury Swimwear Designer

With intentions to highlight a woman's femininity, beauty, and charm, the veteran designer Lenny Niemeyer knows how to make a suit for a laidback, yet chic woman.  Having designed bikinis for Brazilian brands for 10 years before launching this eponymous label, her flattering cuts and bold prints have amassed fans including Gisele Bündchen. Her beautiful designs, coupled with her love for Trancoso (as proved by frequenting a VacationStyle favorite, UXUA, and even celebrating her birthday at this Bahia destination) made us want to talk to her more about her inspirations and obviously, hear more about her #VacationStyle in Trancoso. 

  • VacationStyle: Where do you find inspiration for your swimsuit lines? How have your designs been inspired by travel? 

    Lenny Niemeyer: Inspiration comes from my travels in all over the world: landscapes, architecture, and regional culture.

  • VS: Do you feel there is a difference of how Brazilin women dress vs. other women?

    LN: Brazilian women are very laidback especially in the summer time, given the beach is our go-to spot

  • VS: How do you turn your inspirational or visions into designs? What is that creative process like? 

    LN: The creative process comes from an idea, a place, an ambiance, or even from a painting – and what makes the difference is the hard work on developing shapes and colors.

  • VS: Were any of your collections inspired by Trancoso? 

    LN: Yes, for Spring/Summer 2015 I created a Trancoso print with coconut tree leaves in the wind.

  • VS: Can you tell us a little bit about why you love Trancoso? 

    LN:  I like the high spirit of the city and the beautiful colors of Quadrado’s houses, the beach, the landscape, the culture, the smells and mostly the happiness of people.

  • VS: Did you bring back anything from Trancoso?

    LN:  I brought back some wood craftwork and some delicious spices.

  • VS: What is a typical day for you in Trancoso? Any favorite places that are off the beaten path?

    LN:  Trancoso is very chill.  You can be lazy, take time to appreciate the view, take long strolls, and  do lots of cooking, which I love!  A typical day in Trancoso: Wake up, have a natural fresh coconut water and some tapioca. Then take a walk at the beach and refresh with a swim in the sea... Head back home for lunch, take a nap and wake in time for sunset.  Some other things I usually do is have an early evening stroll in the Quadrado, watch some stores, have a drink at UXUA at the edge of the incredible quartz pool. If you are in the mood, have dinner at Los Negros and fall to the “forró” dance floor.

  • VS: What is an ideal outfit for Trancoso?

    LN: The ideal outfit is flat shoes, a kaftan or a long dress and always take a scarf with you, in case it’s windy or you get caught in a quick rain that passes.

  • VS: What is always in your beach bag?

    LN: Sunscreen, St. Barth suntan lotion, lip balm, brush, body and hair moisturizer and sarong/scarf

  • VS: What is your favorite place you have ever been on vacation?

    LN: Trancoso, for everything I’ve said before and because I love the summer, the sun, and the sea.

  • On vacation...

    With a bikini by the pool… heels or flats? Flats and espadrilles
    Detox or Retox? Detox my mind
    Magazine, Book, Kindle? Book