Gia Ghezzi
Intermix, Fashion Director

This shoe-obsessed Fashion Director has the job a million girls would die for...attending Fashion Week, working with key influencers and designers, and hand picking all the fabulous items offered inside the Intermix stores. Career goals aside, we are truly envious of her adventurous sense of style and her ability to embrace risks that come with new trends. Considering Gia’s always a perfect 10, we could all learn a thing or two from her.  These are just a few of many reasons we would kill to jump into her shoes… Gianvito Rossi, of course!  

  • VacationStyle: How do you pack for Paris Fashion Week? 

    Gia Ghezzi: I typically pick out my statement pieces first and build around those, making sure to include effortless, versatile classics to pair with. This usually allows me to shuffle things around depending on my mood. Shoes are, without question, my biggest challenge – I always have a hard time editing!

  • VS: When you pack for vacation, do you like to create a story?

    GIA: I would say it’s more of a mood. Depending on what’s going on around me, where I’m headed, and who I’m traveling with. For me, it’s important to keep it fun, eclectic, and super vibrant.

  • VS: What’s your favorite place you’ve been to, and why? 

    GIA: I have a deep love affair with Capri, Italy. Hands down, my absolute favorite vacation spot. The culture, the people, the heart…and the food! Throw in a few boat escapades and it’s picture perfect.

  • VS: What’s on your bucket list? 

    GIA: There are quite a few places I dream of going to, but these are at the top of my list: The Aeolian Islands (off the cost of Italy), Cartagena, Africa and Hawaii.

  • VS: Any travel rituals?

    GIA: As soon as I get to my hotel I put on a playlist so I have something to jam out to while unpacking.

  • VS: What items can you not travel without? 

    GIA: This is a tough one…I travel with a lot! My UBoom box (Bluetooth speaker), video camera, way too many bikinis, lots of statement earrings, and of course, my everyday go-to, rosewater.

  • VS: How would you define your style?  How has your style changed since you started working at Intermix?

    GIA: It’s pretty free spirited and bold in general. I like to mix florals, prints and bright colors. I never take my style too seriously, and that’s the same philosophy we live by at INTERMIX. Working here has helped me embrace risk, and to encourage our customers to do the same. It’s exciting to try out a new trend together and to see how the customer reacts—and how she integrates it into her wardrobe in a way that’s totally different than my own style, but just as cool. 

  • VS: Does your style change when you’re on vacation? Day vs. Night?  

    GIA: Absolutely! Nighttime is more glam.

  • VS: What’s your advice for trying something new?

    GIA: Never lose who you are when dressing. With any trend, it’s important to make sure your own uniqueness shines through and naturally you’ll carry yourself with more confidence.

  • VS: Do you have a packing strategy?

    GIA: Most definitely not…I should probably get one though!

  • VS: What’s your favorite trend in swimwear?

    GIA: I’m feeling the 80’s and 90’s these days – one pieces with low scoop backs and higher cut thighs. Cindy Crawford meets Bay Watch!

  • VS: What is your favorite thing about traveling to some place new?

    GIA: The experience. It’s so intriguing to be immersed in different cultures and get caught up in the moments – the less detailed the planning, the better

  • VS: When you travel - how do you make hotels feel like home?

    GIA: I unpack…everything! I set up my own little home-away-from-home to make it easier for me to maneuver through.

  • VS: If you could dress anyone for a trip who would it be and where would they go?

    GIA: Giovanna Battaglia, aka Bat Gio. She’d be traveling the world of course!

  • While On Vacation...

    One-piece or Two? One piece – with a little jazzy detail

    Detox or Retox? Balance…daytime is for lounging, relaxing, and enjoying conversations. Night time is for dancing and letting the hair down. Delicious food is always part of the equation too!

    Underpack or Overpack? Overpack…I bring way too many options. Luckily, my friends appreciate this and have no problem snagging from me. It’s like packing for troop Beverly Hills!

    Flats or Heels? Flats. And this has taken years of experience to learn the hard way.

    Favorite Sunscreen? Classic oil-free Neutrogena for my face. Body I change up throughout the trip – aiming for a golden, healthy glow.

    Hair Up or Down? Up and usually a hot untamed mess

    Makeup or No-makeup? Effortless and easy. Mascara and gloss – a little goes a long way.

    Warm-weather or Cold-weather? Beach destinations most often, but I’ll never shy away from a cozy cottage getaway