Alexia Ghadamian
Designer, Alexia Bags

Alas all your beach worries are washed away, thanks to the just-launched Alexia Bags. While searching for the perfect beach bag for her honeymoon, designer Alexia Ghadamian failed to find one that didn't compromise form for function. So she made the perfect one: it's versatile, it's chic, and it's designed with everything in mind to take you from dusk to dawn — no matter where your vaca takes you.  Aka it's the beach bag we've all been needing in our life... #VSApproved!

In an exclusive interview, Alexia gives us the story behind the newest brand on the market, what it takes to start your own collection, and tells us all about her envious travels.

  • VacationStyle: Can you tell us a little bit about your story and how you got to where you are today? 

    Alexia Ghadamian: I used to work in jewelry, it was always a passion of mine. When I graduated college I started working for Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. I worked for her for about 2 years and managed her fine jewelry manufacturing. That gave me the basic knowledge I needed for the fashion world. When I got married and my husband and I went on our honeymoon, I couldn’t find a beach bag to use for our trip. It on our last stop that my husband and I both realized that I was capable of creating a beach bag that everyone wants but no one could find. Low and behold, Alexia bags was born. 

  • VS: Speaking of honeymoons, where did you go on yours?! 

    AG: We hopped around a lot because my husband and I both hate to stay in one place too long. We started in Hong Kong then traveled a bit in Thailand (Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Rai) and ended in the Maldives. It was an incredible honeymoon!

  • VS: What’s the inspiration behind your collection?

    ​AG: I always loved ric rac, it reminds me of waves. But my collection is more focused on the practically and functionality of a beach bag. I wanted to create something with a pocket for easy access and a removable pouch to use for valuables. 

  • VS: What was the process like starting your first collection? 

    ​AG: It definitely was not easy and took a while. I knew what I wanted to achieve but didn’t know where to go from there. I fell into the wrong hands until I fell into the right ones. But it’s a process worth going through and I learned a lot from my mistakes. Once I got to my end result, I was so proud and excited to share it with everyone!

  • VS: What was your biggest obstacle in starting a collection? 

    ​AG: I would say my biggest obstacle was finding a manufacturer in New York. It took a long time to find someone, let alone someone good and trustworthy. When I found my manufacturer it was a perfect fit!

  • VS: Where’s your favorite place to vacation? 

    ​AG: I love Italy. Anywhere in Italy. But, I have a soft spot for Capri. It is the most beautiful place with the most delicious food (of course, it’s Italy!).  

  • VS: Any places on your bucket list? 

    ​AG: A safari in South Africa, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and Greece!

  • VS: Favorite places for a short weekend?

    ​AG: The Mayflower Inn in Connecticut is absolutely beautiful. That’s where my husband proposed. 

  • VS: How would you describe your style? Does it differ when you’re on vacation? 

    ​AG: I don’t have a specific style but I think it’s important to always look put together. Same goes for on vacation. 

  • VS: You're go-to brands on vacation? 

    ​AG: I love Isabel Marant. Her skirts and dresses are perfect for vacation. I bought a few cover ups from St. Barths and St. Tropez that I am obsessed with. I also love Osklen, it’s a Brazilian brand.  

  • VS: Beauty essentials you cannot travel without?

    AG: Moroccanoil for hair, glossier lip balm, SkinCeuticals SPF lotion, my blowdryer.

  • VS: If you could waive you magic wand and travel anywhere where would that be? 

    ​AG: Bali

  • VS: What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

    ​AG: In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear to fail. 

  • On vacation... 

    One-piece or two? Two
    Kaftan or sarong? Sarong
    Hair-up or down? Both
    Makeup or no makeup? No makeup
    Flats or heels? Flats and wedges
    Jewelry or no jewelry? Whatever is on me when I take off
    Underpack or overpack? Overpack
    Detox or retox? Detox, unless in Italy
    Stick with what you know or try something new? Try something new