Our founder, Lia Batkin had the pleasure of visiting BodyHoliday, an All Inclusive Fitness & Spa Resort in Saint Lucia this week. From the Tree House Spin Studio to Bums & Tums on the beach, Lia gives the inside scoop on her experience and just what you need to #JETSETPACK!

A short three day trip definitely was a great teaser to this truly amazing resort! They offer almost 30 classes a day that are complimentary to all guests plus off property activities like hiking in the rainforest, repelling through waterfalls, and whale watching.  Having a wellness resort that is also all inclusive makes it easy to create your own experience….so if you want a glass of wine or pizza that’s your choice! To lay on the beach and drink rosé or workout like a mad person - that's the question.. I personally went for the heathy route, eating gluten free (#sorrygirlswholovegluten), lots of totally fresh food, and enjoying every different juice or smoothie I could get my hands on.  The spa is probably one of the most extensive I have ever seen offering everything you can imagine with one treatment included daily (which makes working out for 5 hours a day totally worth it!). I cannot wait to go back for a full week or two, or maybe three… some people even go for months at a time #VacationGoals!


The BodyHoliday LeSport is a perfect combination of  beach resort, luxe all-inclusive (all you can eat & drink yes, please!), and a Wellness Centre that provides a very large range of treatments with an amazing list of daily activities that can you keep you busy all day if you want. They are really known for their BodyScience programme, which starts by collecting a broad range of information about your physiology and biochemistry to identify imbalances in the body and mind that impact on wellness. BodyScience utilizes both Western science and Ayurvedic principles to gather all the data and programme options include De-stress Health, Fitness, Weight Management, Healthy Ageing, Digestive Health, Detox Health.


10AM Yoga
11AM Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap - This wrap begins with a drenching of the skin to achieve maximum softness. Then warm oil is drizzled over and massaged into the body. Once cocooned in a foil wrap and after facial cleanse and toning, a body lotion is applied.
12-3PM Sun & Lunch
3PM Personal Training
4PM Mat Pilates
5PM BodySpin in Tree House Spin Studio
6PM High Tea
8PM Relaxed Dinner at the Pavilion


7AM Beach Fit
9AM Intro to Tennis
10AM Thalgo Three Algae Body Wrap - Harnessing all the incredible benefits of marine algae: rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, this treatment activates circulation, increases metabolism, relieves aches and pains and improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Excellent for detox general well-being and total relaxation.
12-3PM Mat Pilates
4PM Audervecic Massage - A full body warm oil massage that benefits blood circulation and the lymph & nervous systems. The oil and herb combination ensures a deeply relaxing treatment.
8:30PM Dinner at Cariblue Windows (fine dining) and Drinks @ The Piano Bar


9AM Paddle Boarding
10AM Cardio
11AM Sailing Lesson
12-3PM Sun & Lunch
3PM Bums & Tums
4PM Mix In Tennis
5PM Pro-Collagen Marine Facial - A double action facial treatment that combines gentle massage techniques with a Japanese silk mask to comfort stressed skin, restructure sensitive skin and harmonise problem skin.
6PM Charka Meditation
8PM Dinner at Tao w/ DJ & Dancing