Valentina Zelyaeva
Model & Wellness Expert

Russian model Valentia Zelyaeva has been the face of Ralph Lauren for over a decade. Be it Capri, Morrocco, or Australia, she's jetted around the world with #VacationEnvy galore. When she's off-duty, Valentina has pursued her passion for nutrition and wellness, studying to be a health coach. With VS she dishes on heathly living and just some of the fab places she has been to throughout her travels...

What do you do to work out and why do you love it? 

I do pilates and yoga. I love those type of workouts because it keeps me in shape and in a healthy state of mind. 


How do you prepare for a major shoot? We can assume its like preparing for vacation in many ways?

If I have a swimsuit shoot coming up, I work out a lot! I typically stretch, cut back on coffee and wine as well as dairy and sweets. I eat a lot of salads and drink pure water. I also get a massage and facial a few days leading up to the shoot. 

Favorite workout brands?

I love Live The Process. It’s very stylish and comfortable. Sneakers are always Nike.  


What are 3 things that people should think to incorporate into their diet to make them healthier?

I’m a big fan of wheat grass, chia seeds and raw cacao nibs. I consider them a superfood because they’re packed with nutrients, mega 3,6,9 vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Favorite healthy snacks to bring on a plane? 

Raw almonds, tangerines, cucumbers, and raw cacao


How do you stay healthy while traveling? 

I bring my superfoods with me: wheat grass in powder form, probiotics, chia seeds, raw almonds, and mineral drops. It does take up some space in my luggage, but it’s how I maintain a healthy routine while traveling.

What is your favorite do it at home recipes that will blow our minds?! 

Haha! I don’t know if this will blow your mind, but I love making chia seed pudding for breakfast: soak 2 tbsp chia seeds in ½ cup homemade almond milk for 30 mins. Place chopped strawberries, raspberries, blackberries in a bowl and add chia seed pudding. Top it with raw cacao nibs , raw honey and bee pollen. And here you have a super powerful antioxidant nutrient-packed breakfast!


What are some places you have vacationed you where introduced to something new that you now cannot live without?

I went to India for a yoga retreat and I discovered the health benefits of coconut oil pulling. Also turmeric is an amazing spice that women in India incorporate into beauty rituals – both faces masks and diet. 


What is your favorite place you have been on vacation?

I recently went to Amsterdam and I really loved a small vegan café, SLA. I loved the city very much. I thought it was very charming and beautifully adorned with flowers everywhere. 


What was your favorite campaign you shot in a destination? 

I went to Maldives to shoot a bikini ad. It was my first time in Maldives and I really fell in love with the island’s vibe. Very chill, tranquil, amazing food, and kind people.

Favorite bathing suit brands?

I love Brazilin brands for sexy and original bikinis (Cia Maritima, Agua De Coco, Rosa Cha). If I look for something more classic and chic I go to La Perla.

Favorite beauty brands to travel with?

My favorite is definitely Pratima skincare. Its my preferred spa in NYC and they make their own natural skin care based on aurvedic tradition. Its simply the best in terms of quality.