Pilar Noire
Nailing Hollywood

From figure skater to fashion buyer, Pilar Noire found her true calling in a new world of beauty...painting the world pretty, one mani at a time. Here, Pilar Noire gives us the scoop on fall's best trends, the most flattering nail shapes, and tips on keeping our mani/pedis fresh on vacay! 

  • VACATIONSTYLE: When doing nails for Fashion Week, how do you collaborate with the designers?

    PILAR NOIRE: During this past Fashion Week, I worked under the lead manicurist assigned to each show. This lead collaborates with the designer to find the complementary nail look for the runway collection. The same system is in place for hair and makeup. I recently had the pleasure of working under 5 leads for 10 shows for my first New York Fashion Week. A brand is designated for each show. I had the pleasure of being on teams representing OCC Makeup, Essie, Deborah Lippmann, Kiss Products, and China Glaze. I had the privilege of painting some of the world's best models pretty for great design houses like Carolina Herrera, Dianne Von Furstenberg and Alexander Wang to name a few.  I was also was a part of Lauren Conrad's Fashion Week debut. It was a magical and busy week! 

  • VS: What are your favorite nail trends? 

    PN: I tend to favor pretty pinks and bright colors, as well as pastels. I love September Fashion Week as the styles are Spring and Summer. For Kate Spade's show, I worked under Deborah Lippmann, using her beautiful polishes to create a confectionary-like nail. Very light with a dash of shimmer. It was beautiful and anyone can wear it who favors colors like that.

  • VS: What are your favorite color trends to take on vacation? Any tips to keeping your mani/pedi fresh? 

    PN: It depends on where I'm going. If I'm going to New York, I may want something different than if I'm vacationing in Hawaii.

    Gel polish is great for trips under 2 weeks as I won't have to do a thing and they will look great for the duration. I love CND Shellac and often wear that for travel. Some people prefer gel polish on their toes. I only recommend it for beach travel as sand is hard on nail polish. Typically, pedicures last much longer than polish on hands so I'm happy with a fresh pedicure just before traveling. The same goes for handcare. I paint my hands and toes after I've packed and just before traveling.

  • VS: Do you have a favorite brand?  Any tools to use at home to make DIY that much better? 

    PN: I like so many brands. We are so lucky today to have so many great product lines offering a large range of polish colors. My kit includes Chanel, Dior, Nars, Essie, Ciate, CND, Sally Hansen and Zoya - just to name a few. For gel polish, I love CND Shellac. The removal is so easy and I like how it lays thin on the nail.  For at home care, find a cuticle oil you love. Mine is CND Solar Oil.

  • VS: What color combinations are you loving? 

    PN: For fall, I am loving aquas paired with grays. I am also loving black and white design variations and mixing metallics with colors. It's so fun. I love color.

  • VS: How should you choose the best/most flattering shape for your nails? 

    PN: The most flattering shape anyone can wear is based on the subject's hand shape and more importantly the length of the nail bed and shape along the cuticle line. To create a beautiful balanced nail shape, it is best to determine the shape by mirroring the shape of the cuticle line. Different people have different shapes, round, more squoval, oval, etc. For example, round nails are better for short nails and/or nail beds with a round cuticle line. Oval and almond nails work better on long nails or long nail beds with a rounded cuticle line. Oval and almond nails continue a nice soft line lengthening the hand. A squared nail can be more flattering on those with longer nails and/or nail beds. If the nail is too short, it can look blunt and harsh. 

  • VS: Do your celebrity clients allow you to choose colors/shapes/etc? 

    PN: My clients typically have their preferences, and vision. I enjoy providing options based on their personal style and wardrobe for any events they are attending. I love introducing them to new products complementary to their style. Most recently on set, I worked on talent who was wearing a baby pink chiffon dress. I color-matched it perfectly. It was simple but so elegant.

  • VS: If you could do anyone’s nails who would it be any why?

    PN: I would love to have Betsey Johnson as my client. I am constantly inspired by her designs particularly her beautiful florals from the 2000's and her old boutique feel. I think we would have fun nail appointments.

  • VS: Whats your favorite hotel you have ever been to and why? If you could go anywhere in the world on Vacation where would it be?

    PN: My favorite iconic hotel that I've been to is The Plaza Hotel in New York. Viewing the design of that building with the park in view is amazing. I starred in awe, analyzing the detail on my recent trip. I would love to go back and stay in the Eloise Suite decorated by Betsey Johnson. I've seen the photos but I'd love to live in that inspiration for a day. I am both a city girl and a girl of leisure and my heart belongs to Paris. With all of the beauty in this world, I always want to return to Paris.

Courtesy of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts