Fall's Best
Beauty Trends
Angelique Serrano, InStyle Beauty Director

Instyle’s Beauty Director, Angelique Serrano tells us how to upgrade our fall beauty game with three top trends – and how to do it well. From the boardroom to the beach to brunch she fills us in on her favorite trends, products, and how to look #flawless.


For Standout Lips...

What is your favorite fall trend and why?

I love the dramatic juxtaposition of crisp, polished lips – in a cranberry, or a deep black-cherry shade – with tousled, just-got-out-of-bed hair. To me, they always strike a chic balance that feels modern.

What is easiest to transfer to vacation? Cold? Hot weather?

I think loose, tousled hair is so sexy on vacation, whether you're skiing in Vermont or walking the balmy cobblestone streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

For (Matte Berry) Lips what are your favorite ones/brands?

I'm really into matte finishes at the moment. I absolutely adore Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution line of lipsticks.  

Each bullet gives you a velvety look without leaving your lips dry. The formula is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Any priming needed?

It's always a good idea to exfoliate your lips first (you can use a wet toothbrush) to get rid of flakes. Then put down a light layer of balm to seal cracks. This will give you the most seamless finish under a matte lipstick.

Any application secrets?

I typically apply straight from the tube, and then use a lip brush dipped in a bit of concealer to trace along the edges of my lips and make them look extra crisp.

What skin tone is this best for?

I have light olive skin, and I find reds and pinks with just the slightest hint of blue – and not too much yellow – are most flattering. If you have dark skin, try berry tones that have a brightening touch of shimmer or iridescence.

Any go to eye make up suggestions with this trend?

I stick to really clean, long lashes. A good dose of mascara to widen my eyes is just enough to offset the lips without overpowering them. 

Any ways to wear on the beach?

Go for a stain in a bold berry shade. You get the drama without the high-maintenace application. You also don't have to babysit the look – a lip stain looks more natural the longer it sits. 



For Bold Brows...

How do you get them?

There are some fantastic products available now that deepen the look of your brows, and beef up their shape. For basic combing and grooming, I'm using the Dior Brow Styler Gel; the brush tip gets the hairs in order, and the gel holds them in place. And to fill in my permanently sparse arches, I use Eyeko Brow Magic Brow Boost. The doe-foot applicator deposits fine fibers that bulk up my brows in seconds. 

What face shape is this best for?

I think fuller brows bring a youthful quality to most faces. A little nip in the arch never fails to provide a lift, too.  

Do you suggest using powder or pencil?

I find that either works, so long as you use a spoolie brush (or a clean mascara wand) to rub in the formula. I'm not the biggest fan of harsh brow lines.

Any major tips to not over do it?

Try working with gels, pencils and powders that are about two shades lighter than your brows. I think softer shades blend more easily into my dark hairs, and give a more natural finish.


For Wind-Flushed Cheeks...

What application steps should you take?

You would think that to get a strong dose of blush you would need to really pile it on. But the best application is more subtle; it's about layering different tones in sheer doses. Backstage at Michael Kors, makeup artists used bronzers to lay down some warmth and popped some brighter pink blush up on the face, around the apples. The technique gives you dimension and a fresh-from-the-wilderness flush that I think is so pretty. 

Suggested blush colors?

In terms of color, a light peachy-pink can be incredibly flattering. If you have darker skin, try a shade with more vibrancy and just a hint of warm iridescence.   

Powder, crème, or gel? 

If you like creams, I think La Prairie's Cellular Radiance Cream Blush is standout. I know it's a splurge, but truly every time I wear the Peach Glow shade, someone compliments me on my skin. An all-natural cream I love is from RMS beauty, Lip2Cheek the formula blends easily and looks natural. 

Favorite type of brush to use to get this look?

I use a wet cosmetics sponge to get the sheerest application with creams. If I'm using powder, I like the Sigma Large Angled Contour brush. It's large enough to cover the apples of my cheeks, but not so overwhelming that I can't be precise with placement. It's also angled, so it tucks into the hollows of the cheeks really easily. 

What eyes and lips would you suggest to go with this look?

I want to keep the attention on the cheeks, so just a little mascara and a light gloss to complete the fresh-faced vibe.

Would it be different for day or night?

At night I might up the bronzer – just in the hollows below my cheekbones and up toward my temples – to add a little more depth and drama.  Then I'd top with a pop of pink.

For different face shapes what should you watch out for?

If you have a longer face, or just want an overall lift, I learned to take the blush placement up from under your apples to just below your under-eye area. It seems odd – to put blush so close to your concealer – but it really is shocking how much of a face lift it provides.

Any tips for not over doing it and looking like a clown?

Yes: Apply in very sheer doses. If you're using powder, dab your brush into the color then tap off the excess before placing the bristles on your cheeks. If you're using cream, dab on just a few dots and blend with a wet sponge or your fingers.