Katia Pryce
DanceBody, Founder

Toned arms? Check. Killer abs? Ummm... yes, please!  A dance sesh that actually makes you sweat? Count us in! With that, let us introduce you to DanceBody, a sweat-filled workout designed by Katia Pryce. It's fun, it passes by faster than you could ever imagine, and it brings out the dancer in all of us (and trust us, some of us here have never taken a dance class before!).  Oh yeah, did we mention it actually works?! In an exclusive interview, Katia gives us her secrets to getting ready for the beach, moves to take away with you, and her in-transit snacks (which you won't believe one of them!).  Here comes the beach body, ladies...

  • VacationStyle: Can you share any secrets on how to get your body toned and ready for vacations over the holiday season?  

    Katia Pryce: Since holiday parties are constant over the holiday season, my go to drink is a vodka soda w/ lemon, that way I'm not drinking all my calories with sugary cocktails! Even though it's the holiday season, the best thing you can do is stick to your workout schedule no matter what and no excuses! This will ensure you stay looking the same, without losing your tone!

  • VS: What are a few moves you'd suggest doing to really target the body for the beach? 

    KP: 1. Twisting Plank: In a true plank position, walk one leg in front of the other to creating a twisting affecting in your core, you will feel this all over your abs! - 30x total

    2. Side Oblique Pulls: Using your right arm and right leg, lift them both up at your side to meet in mid air at your side (around your waist level) this targets both obliques and outer thighs - 20x each side

    3. Inner Thigh + Tricep Combo: In a tricep dip position (think the "crab walk") bend your elbows to dip into a tricep press, at the same time, lift one leg off the ground and cross that leg over the opposite leg on the ground - but don't just let the leg flop over, really press the air over creating an inner thigh squeeze while you dip your triceps - 20x each side 

  • VS: Do you have any tips for once you’re on vacation?

    ​KP: The best workout you can do on vacation is an effective, and short, one! Nonstop, no breaks, and really just have a devoted sweat session for 20-30 min. It doesn't need to be longer than that if it is focused and thorough. That is why all of the dancebody workouts utilize cardio and sculpting at the same time- it's the multi-taskers dream workout!

  • VS: Foods to eat before vacation?

    ​KP: Foods that can help to flush the body of excess water to de-bloat are best to have before vacation, such as: asparagus, leafy greens, pineapple, beets, and garlic. I try to eat lean proteins and lots of veggies and fruits, avoiding dairy, processed foods, and some grains to look super lean. Hu Kitchen in New York has a great Paleo menu that also tastes great!

  • VS: If you could collaborate with anyone or a brand, who would it be?

    ​KP: Asics - they are the shoe I have worn for the last 8 years for dance cardio, by far the most support while I'm dancing and jumping!

  • VS: Any favorite snacks while traveling? 

    ​KP: Pistachios and gummy bears

  • VS: Beauty products you love for post work-out? 

    ​KP: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

  • VS: Favorite athleisure brand? 

    ​KP: Lululemon

  • VS: What’s the best advice for someone taking your class who doesn’t have a dance background?

    ​KP: Leave the ego at the door and just keep moving!