De La Rue
Body By Simone, Founder

Cue, Simone De La Rue, the iconic celebrity trainer and founder of Body by Simone fitness studios in NY and LA who has a major cult following and is responsible for some MAJOR hot celb bodies such as Anne Hathaway, Rita Ora, and Naomi Watts. Maybe for her exclusive boutique-like experience, maybe for her unique fusion of all workouts we love in one ( Dance, Pilaties, and toning), and maybe, just maybe, it’s because her results are real (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley need we say more) or that she actually knows a thing or two about leading a healthy life! Read on to find out why we love her and her #nofail tips and insight to getting vaca ready! 

  • VacationStyle: How do you suggest to your clients to get ready for vacation?

    SIMONE: It’s 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise.  That’s scientific proof. There’s no point coming to class and going home to eat pizza. It’s about a balance between the two.  As far as exercise: if you’re only coming in 1x a week it’s not going to do anything, but if you come in 3-6x a week, you’ll change. 

    If you’re trying to get a bikini body, we’ll focus on the areas that are important for women: abs, core, arms.  As far as diet goes, I don’t believe in diets, but clean eating.   I encourage people to do that to work towards a goal and watch what you eat.  Cleanse – you’re not doing a juice cleanse, you’re eating whole food.  You’re eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy, sodium, caffeine and alcohol: a high protein diet filled with vegetable. When you cleanse this way, your skin glows, your eyes shine, your hair and nails grow, and you sleep better.   As far as exercise, we encourage people to increase your cardio.  At BBS, our cardio classes are dance & trampoline.  If you’re coming in 3x a week, make sure one of those classes is cardio; If you’re coming in 5-6x, make sure two of your classes is cardio.  You want to hit a calorie burning state, working efficiently and you’re dropping weight. 

  • VS:  Any quick tips for quick workouts if you don't want to spend your vacation inside a gym?

    SIMONE: Our studio doesn’t have equipment; we only use light weights and bands. People use that as an excuse.  Pack a jump rope its one of my favorite workouts. Do 10 sets in 60-second intervals: 60 seconds jumping, 20 seconds break, then another interval (10 times). If you don’t have a rope, combine jumping jacks with burpees and high knees.* If there are stairs, jog them up & down.   You can definitely get your cardio in. Do sit ups, push ups, and pony kicks on the floor or a mat.  You can literally do that in your hotel room.

  • VS:  What foods do you suggest eating while on vacation to stay looking fab in a bikini?

    SIMONE: You’re on vacation so you want to enjoy yourself, but 3 meals a day maybe allow 1 to be indulgence and allow two others to be more restricted or lighter.  If you know you’re going to a big dinner, have a lighter breakfast and lunch, with a few light snacks.  If you are indulging at every meal, you expand your stomach and it starts to be a downward spiral. Limit your alcohol to after 5pm. Sodium is one of the worst things so watch for the sodium in meats and sauces.  I love sushi, but eat it without the soy sauce.  Watch for the sodium in meats and sauces - like soy sauce. Don’t eat things with gluten – carbs and breads can make you very bloated.

  • VS: What’s the best trip you have ever taken?

    SIMONE:  I’ve taken a lot of amazing trips. I’ve been blessed to travel and live in many places - Bahamas (Private Island) This summer I went to the South of France, Monte Carlo, Paris and London. I like a mix of culture and relaxation. I love experiencing the European culture and different religions.

  • VS: Favorite hotel or hotel styles?

    SIMONE: I like a very modern hotel.  I love the Soho House in Berlin.  I also love any of Phillippe Starck’s hotels. 

  • VS: What are your favorite artists to listen to while working out?

    SIMONE: My music constantly changes, but in the studio we often listen to pop and current hits. I try to bring back older songs like Ghetto Superstar by Prah and No Scrubs by TLC … Definitely some old Jay Z and Janet Jackson. 

  • VS: If you could collaborate with anyone or a brand, who would it be?

    SIMONE:  I’m kind of obsessed with Misty Copeland.  I love her body and her message ‘I will what I want’ for Under Armour and her body is.  I love the idea that she didn’t start dancing until she was 13 and was told she didn’t have the right body type for ballet, yet she was so determined and persistent. I just love her message.

    As for a brand, it would have to be a chocolate that I could eat every day without getting a sugar rush. I’m a chocoholic. Lindt Chocolate – we could have a great partnership – and if I could get chocolate for life, I’d love that!

  • VS: Any apps you love?

    SIMONE: I fly Virgin America all the time, so I have their app.  I use Instagram constantly - (and pic stitch, repost, pic play, collage, etc) for the business.  I like to make myself laugh so I have MixBooth where you put your face in and it pulls out out how i would like a man.  I have a warped sense of humor. I also have the Instant Heart Rate app so I can always check it.

  • VS: If you could train anyone in the world who would it be and why?

    SIMONE: Growing up as a kid I idolized Mikhail Baryshnikov.  I met him in New York and was pretty star struck.  Growing up, everyone else had a poster of Johnny Depp, but I had Mikhail Baryshnikov so it would be a dream to train him! I love Chrissy Teigen, so  I’d love to train her husband John Legend.  Once again, a guy...  For women, I feel like Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler would be fun to work with. Growing up my favorite character was Patsy Stone in the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous.  I’d love to train Joanna Lumley (Patsy) with Jennifer Lumley. I’ve loved them for like 20 years.

  • VS: Beauty products you love to use while traveling? And post workout?

    SIMONE: I’m obsessed with Dry Shampoo because we sweat so much.  I’m so blonde and I can’t wash it every day – I really love Bumble and Bumble’s.  I’m super cautious about my skin because I grew up in Australia so I use a ton of Paula’s Choice products. They have no chemicals and moisturizers and feel so good on your skin.

  • VS: Do you have any plane essentials? 

    SIMONE:  My compression socksRosebud lip balm,  I also love rose water!

  • VS:  Any favorite workout clothing brands?

    SIMONE: Newton running shoes always. Under Armour,  Koral Active, and Michi.   I also love the Australia brand, Vie Active; The lycra is really good quality and it compresses you. For post-workout, I love Sweaty Betty - there's endless options! 

  • VS: Favorite restaurants for healthy dining?

    SIMONE: Sweetgreen - I find it hard to find good fast food and Sweetgreen had so much flavor and so many choices — I was really impressed.  It’s hard to find good fresh things.