The Natural Beauty Skincare Deck


Sun.  Stress.  Sleep-deprivation. Winter. The list of things wreaking havoc on your skin on the daily goes on — especially since cold weather is here. Whether you're in need of brightening (coconut exfoliator, anyone?), hydrating (banana mask!), or maybe you might've ran out of makeup remover (almond milk will do the trick) — turn to your pantry for a natural beauty fix. With The Natural Beauty Skincare Deck as your sous chef, you'll quickly become the master of DIY skincare.PHOTO: COURTESY OF DECKOPEDIA

Deckopedia breaks down the recipes by skin type and addresses all concerns respectively. The Skincare Deck covers everything you'd ever need to know with easy homemade recipes. So the next time you run out of a toner - you'll be happy to make it at home! Have a taste of what's inside the deck with these four easy-to-make recipes.