Alli Webb
Founder of Drybar

From California to Texas, Illinois to New York – traveling women know where to go for the best blowouts. Drybar isn’t a typical salon (it’s a blow dry bar – no cuts, no color). And its founder Alli Webb isn’t your average business owner, either. The Los Angeles-based mom of two is a former publicist, professional hair stylist and overall avid traveler. In fact, she’s even created plane friendly travel-sized products.

In our interview with Alli, she shares her favorite thing about hotels, the surprising thing she brought back from Nicaragua, what to wear there, and so much more.

  • VacationStyle: Do you bring your own shampoo and conditioner while traveling or do you like trying new ones at different hotels?

    Alli Webb: I always bring Drybar Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner sample packs with me. You never know what the hotel will have! I never, ever travel without The Chaser Shine Cream. You can use it on wet or dry hair, so it’s super versatile and easy to travel with. And a mini Triple Sec 3-in-1 volumizer, texturizer and dry shampoo – it’s my go-to for volume and extending my blowouts.

  • VS: What type of hotels do you like: large luxe ones or more boutique ones?

    AW: I love exploring new hotels. I tend to prefer small, more intimate boutique hotels. I feel like it’s really easy to get lost in large hotels.

  • VS: What the best thing about staying in hotels?

    AW: Ahh – someone else making the bed! And room service! I have two little boys at home, so my nights at home are filled with homework and wrestling. At hotels, I can indulge in baths, movies, and some much-needed alone time.

  • VS: What is your favorite thing about traveling to some place new?

    AW: I feel so lucky to be able to travel so much, and discover new places, and meet new people. I have fallen in love with so many cities over the last few years.

  • VS: Detox or retox on vacation?

    AW: I definitely detox and try to unplug.

  • VS: What is your go-to airport snack?

    AW: I load up on water, because I tend to get really dehydrated when I fly a lot. Do magazines count as a snack?

  • VS: How should one style their hair in Nicaragua?

    AW: Be sure to bring a good leave-in conditioner and go au natural. I usually twist my hair when it’s wet and spray a little Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray in it for texture and piecey-ness.

  • VS: Did you bring back anything from your vaca?

    AW: A scorpion! The day after we got home, we found a scorpion in my bathroom. He was alive. Very scary! He hitched a ride to L.A. with us.

  • VS: How long did you go for, and what was your favorite part?

    AW: We went for a week. It was so beautiful. I loved every minute. My favorite part was spending time with the native Nicaraguans. We have some friends who have really helped the community of Limon. They took us to visit a group of local women who have started their own little bakeries, with the financial assistance of our dear friends, and we got the opportunity to meet some children at the local school. This was a really special place. The community was so warm and welcoming. We felt so lucky to be able to experience a completely different culture. While they had far less material things than us, they seemed extremely content and happy. 

  • VS: What should one wear there?

    AW: I pretty much lived in a bikini, tee shirts and bandanas!

  • VS: Do you prefer adventure-vacations or more mellow ones, and why?

    AW: At this point in my life, with my crazy schedule, I totally prefer a mellow, relaxing vacation, but I am anxious to take a trip to Costa Rica and zip line through some rain forests.

  • VS: Tell us about Drybar’s travel-sized products.

    AW: We already have a bunch! I’d recommend bringing Triple Sec on vacation for some lift, and to have yummy smelling hair!

  • VS: Are there plans to expand Drybar internationally? 

    AW: We are talking about it!